Allchemy(Taixing) Co., Ltd.

We are dedicated to establish ALLCHEMY a first-class enterprise. We take honesty, social responsibility and entrepreneur daring as core values of our company.   

The success and further development of a company is dependent on high-qualified talents who are good at catching opportunities and meeting challenges. Basing on the tenet of "people-oriented", we provide our employees with different occupational skill or managerial concept training, and provide each of them with development opportunities. Basing on the employees' own effort and the direction of our managerial staff, we are to establish a harmonious, friendly and pleasant working and living environment, and an struggling, courageous and innovative team. We hope that all our employees grow together with our enterprise, and cooperate wholeheartedly to make the enterprise better, larger and stronger.   

We are dedicated to provide excellent products and service to our clients, and create long benefit for our clients, shareholders, employees and the society. We concern about environment protection as well as the health and safety of our employees.

We will create an attractive working environment for our employees. When we invite, hire or elevate any employee, we will make full consideration to the agreeableness between the person and the post. We will promote employees' personal and occupational development as best as we can, and provide them safe and healthy working environment.

On business operation, we insist in the principle of "honest and sincere". We believe in the principle of "free enterprise and fair competition". We are to satisfy clients faster, better and more creatively.

Our tenet: Provide development platform and space to all those young blood who are engaged in fine chemical industry; establish ALLCHEMY a first-class fine chemical enterprise in China.

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